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    Smile what's the meaning of "book revenue"?

    The whole sentence is" Do you think should send us a PO, so we can book revenue at HQ".

    Could anyone tell me the meaning of "book revenue"? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: what's the meaning of "book revenue"?

    'Book revenue' might be 'the income / earnings from the sale of a book' but this doesn't make sense to me in your sentence. There seems to be a grammatical error in the sentence.

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    Re: what's the meaning of "book revenue"?

    Can 'book' mean 'record' here? And therefore 'book revenue' mean 'record revenue'. I guess it is a special term in accounting field, but I'm not quite sure.

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    Re: what's the meaning of "book revenue"?

    The questions asks: "Do you think should send us a PO", here, a PO is a Purchase Order - that is a recognised document which specifies the customer, and what they are ordering. HQ is the headquarters of the business taking the order. "book" is the accounting record that is used - either a physical book, or a "book" on a computer.

    The recipient of the request can only record that they have some revenue if they have either received cash, or have received an order using an Purchase Order number which can be verified as being from a recognised customer.

    The real worry about this is that the question was asked! Any reputable company only supplies goods or services with the appropriate documentation. The fact that the question was asked means that the company is prepared to trade illegally by supplying goods or services without recording the transaction in the accounting books.

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