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    Wink pregnant pause

    What is "pregnant pause" in the following para: " The villarous Dr. Evil demanded $ i million from the UN to hold the world at ransom. After a pregnant pause, the boys in the UN burst out laughing. Dr. Evil is told that any repectable villain would have asked for at least $ 1 billion.

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    Re: pregnant pause

    1. Weighty or significant; full of meaning; e.g., a conversation occasionally punctuated by pregnant pauses
    Source: pregnant - definition of pregnant by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

    2. From Re: Pregnant Pause
    Metaphor. Some pauses resemble literal pregnancies in that they are filled with meaning, as a pregnant body is filled with the offspring to be born; and they are forward-looking--that is, they have the listener waiting for the next utterance--in something of the same way that a pregnancy portends the forthcoming birth. The Oxford English Dictionary gives examples of the word "pregnant" used with the sense of "full of meaning" beginning in the 15th century.

    Does that help?

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