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    Translating pragrogh

    good morning,
    I want to translate some pharghras.

    The woman standing on the wing of the Boeing stearman plane was wearing dark glasses. The plane flew under a bridge, and then low over the crowd. The woman waved. The crowd waved back.
    It waw August 9th. The third day of the stockholm water fastival had begun.It was twelve o' clock and today there was a flying show. There over a hundred thousand people in the center of stcoholm, swedan.The road and squares full of people, who also stood on the bridges which joined the city's many islands. On the water there were thousand sailing boats and some larger passenger bots.
    A jet plane screamed through the blue summer sky. Everyone looked up.A smaller plane flew over the crowd near the Royal palace.
    Half a kilometer from the the Royal palace a tall blonde woman stood in the crowd outside the city Hall. She was wearing blue shirt and yallow shirt, and had a yellow big shoulder over her shoulder.The women's name was monika lundgren. She was twenty-six years old.Monika watched the womanon the wing of the Boeing stearman.It would be an exciting job, She thought.It would be also dangerous, flying high in the crowd and low under the bridges. and Probley lonely.
    'Hey,you! a man's voice said loudly. Monika turned. A yound man standing next to her. He was about eighteen. He was wearing red, white and blue shirts. His T-shirt MAD ABOUT Foot ball! His had was shaved and his face was red. He was holding a glass in his hand.He was English man and his voice was very loud.
    Monika smiled.'Hello.' she said,and truned away.She looked back at the City hall. The sune was hot and every one else waching the palnes.
    Monika felt a hand on her arm. She heard a voice. It was the English foot ball fan.
    I said hello,' the fan shouted.
    Monika turned again to the yound man.She pushed his hand away and stepped back from him.Then she smiled and turned away. A moment again she felt a hand on her shoulder.The football fan pulled her shoulder and turned her around. Then he pulled her toward him.
    'Give me a kiss, 'tha fan said.'You're lovely.'He smelt of cigrette.
    A few people in the crowd saw what was happening.But they didn't do anything. Everyone else was watching the planes.

    sir can you translation in english for me . I fell deficult.

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    Re: Translating pragrogh

    Do you wish to have the blue bits explained?

    nb spelling - paragraph.

    The woman standing on the wing of the Boeing stearman plane was wearing dark glasses She is a "wing walker", like this:

    A Boeing Stearman is a biplane like the one in the picture.

    The third day of the Stockholm Water Festival had begun The third day of the three-day festival in Stockholm is starting

    It will be better not to try and put so much into one post - keep your questions to one at a time, and try to make sure you are copying the words correctly.

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