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    Thumbs up 'quasi-predicate' or 'quasi complement'

    What's the difference between 'quasi-predicate' and 'quasi complement?
    Would you show me some example sentences?

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    Re: 'quasi-predicate' or 'quasi complement'

    I'm sorry but neither of these phrases have any meaning to a well educated native English speaker. They might have some meaning to a very specifically educated specialised English Student, but you really should not have to learn such things as a foreign student of English.

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    Re: 'quasi-predicate' or 'quasi complement'

    I tried Googling these phrases, and had no luck. I saw in one that Noam Chomsky was using it, and if that's the case, it's a linguistic analysis beyond my abilities. Some of them seemed to refer to Asian languages. In what context did you come across this?

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