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    plz check my essay

    4.3Teenagers are more younger than 18 years demand, that it of a distance
    Opportunity to receive a driving licence.
    Write, how you concern to it

    Teenager in our can drive a motorcycle of the age of 16.after two year experience of driving vehicles. At the age of 18 they get license. I think this good age that people take reasonability because driving cause teenager life as well and life of other people. They have to learn how to drive a car and pass driving test to get the driving license. They give you temporary license that valid up the 6 moths from date of the issues. After 6 months they get driving license if they hadnít break any rules and relegations of traffic.

    22.3Write a congratulatory card by Christmas holidays

    Dear rinku
    I would wish everyone happy holidays! Be safe and have tons of fun I hope you all get what you wished. Have a great xmas and new year, do something so you remember and be grateful for the past year and may the coming year be awesome for you as well!

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    Re: plz check my essay

    We do not correct homework assignments.

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