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    plz kindly request

    11.3. Write a congratulatory card to the comrade.In occasion of its birthday(its mean greeting of the birthday)
    Dear rinku ;
    Many happy return of the day. May each moment of the special day be full of joy and cheer for you. May you stay happy all your life through. May you live long and a prorpicious life.all dream that you have dreamt, may come true. Best of luck for your future.
    Good bye

    18.3 write a short report natural disaster and people behavior during this time.
    Natural disaster are those disaster which occur do to uncertainly in nature. it probably produces fewer headline than wars, earthquake ,flood. since disaster are very powerful it cause a huge damage to our peaceful environment. There are many type of disaster these are as follows: tsunami, floods, volcanic eruption, etc. since, these disasters are not predicable, people get panic.
    Plz add something in this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz in 18.3

    1.3. Imagine, that you take part in the international conference where influence of youth music on style of a life of teenagers is discussed. Write the brief text of the performance
    Music has a great influence on the people. It is mostly seen among the younger generation. The music is a many kinds so like pop, some like jazz while others move to the rock. The teen agers try to copy there favorite stars. The fashion. The trends all comes over from the music and music videos.
    But some bad effects of music are that many singers take drugs, smoke, drink alcohol. These all effect the teenagers and spoil them. The teenagers copy there stars and thus move on with such things and ideas blindly. So it would be much better that people just listen to the music and stop copying the bad habits or doing of their favorite stars.

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    Re: plz kindly request

    We do not correct homework assignments.

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