Dear Sir/Madam,

How should I know an uncountable noun, which is modified by an adjective, is specific or not, as sometimes it is and sometimes it is not. Shall I ignore the modifier when deciding the use of the definite article or zero article? Here are some examples:

(1)There is a real possibility of affecting the ageing process with(zero article) biomedical intervention.
My question is :"Intervention" is an abstract noun and it is modified by "biomedical" . May I say that intervention is specific, so that the definite article should have been added?

(2)Aspects of the Irish constitution and its implementation are clearly oppressive as well as offensive to other minorities beside the Protestant one.
My question is: Here "constitution" is specific, as it is modified by "Irish", so that the definite article is added. Am I right?

(3)The radical restructuring of (zero article) British politics after 1931 lies not in the events of 13th-28th August but in the changing attitudes within the National Government during September and October 1931.
My question is: It is not any other politics but the British politics, so it is specific and the defintie article should have been added. However, the defintie article is missing here, why?

(4)The main models of the British economy vary widely in attributing importance to the link between wealth and current spending.
My question is: Now here "economy" is specific, as it is modified by "the British". Then, what is the difference between this and question (3) above?

Thank you for your advice.