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    restoration of law and order

    “BJP has appealed for the restoration of law and order after which the state government will look into their demands,” said BJP President Rajnath Singh.

    Please explain the highlighed ones. (Particularly I don't uderstand the meaning of (restoration, demand, order) in this context)
    I know restore = to store(Keep) again
    order = to command
    demand = to ask proudly

    But the above meanings of mine are not working me to understand in the context.
    Please you help me.

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    Re: restoration of law and order

    Hello UG,

    You could paraphrase it as:

    "BJP has appealed for the reinstatement of an orderly state of affairs, in which the law is observed. After that happens, the state government will consider the things that they want the government to do."

    All the best,



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