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    Hi, can someone offer some help

    i'm a chinese student with cantonese being my first language
    how can i speak better english or how can i acquire a british accent?

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    Re: Hi, can someone offer some help


    A very good thing to do is listen to English-speaking radio on the internet. If you want to develop a British accent, I suggest you listen to any of the BBC stations, Radio 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6Music or BBC7. Go to BBC - Radio - The home of BBC Radio on the internet

    Best wishes,


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    Talking Re: Hi, can someone offer some help

    Thx for yr advice.

    I have listened to BBC radio quite often and I can speak fluent english but the problem is I speak with strong cantonese/ chinese accent.

    I wonder is that any particular method for a CHINESE to acquire a british accent.. for example, any vowel sound is usually omitted by chinese?

    What is the characteristics of a chinese accent and what ways can I improve them? How should i place my tongue?

    Sorry for the many questions I've asked.

    Thx a lot.


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    Re: Hi, can someone offer some help

    Hi Rc,

    Your questions are not a problem - they are how you learn, so do not worry.

    I am no expert on Chinese accents but I will do my best. What I would suggest is that you simply concentrate on one bit at a time, maybe a certain English vowel sound or even a certain word.

    That way, you will gain confidence as you progress. Remember: one small step is progress, but looking at the problem as a whole can be daunting for anyone, so just try to achieve a little every single day. Before you know it, your English will be great!

    Good luck, sorry I can't help you more.


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