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    Do I need to put a comma after "small", or is it OK. without it?

    I remember once my father bought a small (,) rounded rectangular device with an antenna fixed on the top, and began talking on it.

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    Re: Punctuation

    Hello Asad,

    Since both the adjectives describe qualities, it would be usual to separate them with a comma. The same would apply to "rounded" and "rectangular".

    However, your sentence suggests a literary context, e.g. an article in a magazine.

    In such cases, the writer may decide to omit the commas, as a stylistic choice. (A comma implies a slight pause; the writer may prefer to encourage a swifter reading of his text.)


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    another view

    Where I am, commas generally have not been used in such situations and I personally don't think they are necessary, but some people recommend them. Also, too many commas can give a sentence a cluttered look.

    Consider the following two sentences:

    He gave the teacher a big shiny red apple.
    He gave the teacher a big, shiny, red apple.

    Since I don't think the commas play an important role, I wouldn't use them.

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