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    buried in my heart.

    "Ladies and gentlemen," the emcee said, "our special guest, Dondre Green."

    As the audience stood applauding. Dondre walked to the microphone and began his story. "I love golf," he said quietly. "For the past two years, I've been a member of the St. Frederick High School golf team. And though I was the only black member, I've always felt at home playing at mostly white country clubs across Louisiana."

    The audience leaned forward; even the waiters and busboys stopped to listen. As I listened, a memory buried in my heart since childhood began fighting its way to life.

    Please explain the highlighed part.

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    Re: buried in my heart.

    "Buried in my heart" = It refers to the word "memory", something which is buried in the heart means that it is a memory that means a lot to you. It's a very warm memory, when think about it it will put a smile on your face and gives you a good overall feeling.
    When you say that it is buried in the heart the other party knows that it's not just a regular memory but that it's a very personal and special thing to you.


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    Re: buried in my heart.

    I think that this in fact means that the narrator had suppressed a memory, which is revived by what is being said.

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    Re: buried in my heart.

    I tend to agree with Anglika. That it is a repressed memory is indicated by "fighting its way to life".


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