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    Sweet, Organic Gibberish

    The bum rained on Peter some sweet, organic gibberish.
    Some sweet, organic gibberish? What sort of gibberish is this? I see the connotation of 'sweet' (or so I think), but what would be meant by 'organic' in this context? Your help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Sweet, Organic Gibberish

    I think you need to tell us more about this!

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    Re: Sweet, Organic Gibberish

    Quote Originally Posted by HSS View Post
    ... what would be meant by 'organic' in this context?
    I believe it means, without obscure, pretentious, or technical words. That is, the bum's sweet gibberish is not manufactured (i.e., not contrived or concocted; Cf. senses 2a. and 2b.)

    gibberish (noun)
    1. Unintelligible or nonsensical talk or writing.
      1. Highly technical or esoteric language.
      2. Unnecessarily pretentious or vague language.

    Does that help?

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