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    positive reinforcement loop

    Two people have a six years old child who still wears diapers and they have tried everything to make him use the bathroom, which he refuses. His parents are fighting:

    "I'm at my wits end. How long are we going to let this go on?"
    "OK, I accept we're in a positive reinforcement loop. It gets him attention..."
    "We're not in a loop but a war!"

    What is a positive reinforcement loop? Can you explain or rephrase, please?


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    Re: positive reinforcement loop

    Positive reinforcement is a technique used to encourage children to behave as you would prefer them to - this tells you about it: Pulmicort -

    To be in a loop means you are repeating a series of actions/an action over and over to no purpose. You are not progressing.

    These parents have clearly not succeeded in changing the child's behaviour despite have used positive reinforcement methods over and over.

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    Re: positive reinforcement loop

    Thanks, Anglika, for your help! Now i get it.

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