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    Post hello

    hello i want to learn english coz english is my 2nd language u are american and i know that you are expert in your language can u plz improve my english by teaching.i mean can u send me daily a lessonand lesson plan about that topic and plz help me and plzexplain me the meaning of these with example.
    • that would give me a creep.
    • meaning of "freak" and what the meaning of this sentence(its freak me out)
    • what all the rush.
    • can u spare a dime?

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    Re: hello

    Welcome, ramia.

    1. That would give me the creeps.
    => That would scare me; that would disgust me.

    2. What's all the rush?
    => Why are you in such a hurry?

    3. Can you spare a dime?
    => Can you give me some money?

    4. It freaks me out. freak - Definitions from
    =>freak out, Slang

    a. to enter into or cause a period of irrational behavior or emotional instability, as under the influence of a drug: to be freaked out on LSD.

    b. to lose or cause to lose emotional control from extreme excitement, shock, fear, joy, despair, etc.: Seeing the dead body freaked him out.

    Does that help?

    Hello. I want to learn English because English is my 2nd language. You are American, and I know that you are an expert in your language. Can you please improve my English by teaching me? Can you send me daily a lesson and a lesson plan about that topic? Please help me, and please explain to me the meaning of these with examples.

    Note, please use English, not Net-speak.


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