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    • The parents of children in our street are a lot less worried these days.(why we use both”lot” and “less” coz both are opposite meaning and meaning of whole sentence.)
    • That was for the best.
    • You could be more right.
    • Head off.
    • Transitional home.
    • Double edge sword.
    • “Be supposed to” and “supposed to be” both are same or different.
    • You are not so far off.
    • Tattle tale.
    • Cynical remarks.
    • I have been to this year.
    • It made me think(meaning of sentence and use of made)
    • As crooked as an eleven dollar bill.
    • Skirt chaser.
    • Wiseacre.
    • Exaggerate.
    • Someone exploits.

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    Ramia, do you have a question for one of our teachers?


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