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  1. wendy

    help me please no.2

    ...But it was a great show. Gale fucking like beast in the beginning. The Canadian party (Emmett in plaid should be made criminal!). Dr. Dave's possessiveness really came out finally (I mean, really, change flight arrangments without even a "mother, may I"? Bad manners, Dr., very bad manners). The prom scene was very sweet (although a bit sugary for my tastes)...
    1. So noun+ ving +noun ---->can used as a sentence, as noun, as individual, without following by clause or modifying some word?

    2. Is it participle phrase or gerund phrase?

    3. Is it the same case as "Michael and David disagree about Michael puttting up his posters"?

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    The underlined portion is not a sentence. It is a sentence fragment. It is commonly used form of comparison known as a simile. (For simile, check the glossary. (It is pronounced sim-ill-LEE.))

    The word f*cking is being used as a verb in that structure.


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    If there is no subject (stated or understood) and main verb, then it is not a sentence. An utterrance that doesn't have these can be called a sentence fragment or a minor sentence, though some dislike this term.

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