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    Whats a good thing to teach for 3 minutes for my interview? HELP!!

    I have my CELTA interview on friday and for part of it i have to teach something (anything) for 3 minutes... i'm aware that it should not become a presentation with me standing talking for 3 minutes, am i right? should i get them to interact/do a task?

    A friend of mine who is already on the course showed the class how to make an origami shell but i'm not very good at making things.

    What are good things to teach? i'm interested in psychology, drama, animal welfare, fashion, travelling (recently went to Africa)....

    was thinking of giving them some information on short term memory then giving them a short memory task so that they can particiapte and see how good their memory is.... would that any good or should it be more fun?

    Please Help!! Thanks

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    Re: Whats a good thing to teach for 3 minutes for my interview? HELP!!

    Why not? If it's something you know about and are familiar with, then do it. They will be looking at your interaction, conficdence, clarity, etc, so stick to something you know about.

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    Re: Whats a good thing to teach for 3 minutes for my interview? HELP!!

    You could also teach something using TPR (Total Physical Response). It works better if you are a bit of a ham and can get them to interact with you, but you could teach them simple vocab like introductions and greetings (hello, how are you, goodbye, my name is...). Getting people involved is always (?) fun and it shows confidence and that you can probably communicate well with a class.

    Good luck,
    Teaching ESL to Adults

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