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    help for 6th june

    Hello teachers,
    Please help me with the following examples.
    1. I respect my elders or I revere my elders. Does both of these statements mean the same thing. Did I use revere correctly here?

    2. I have a deep respect for you or I've deep reverence for you. Did I use "reverence" correctly here?

    3. What is the difference between the following terms.
    " I respect my elders"
    " I admire my elders"
    " I revere my elders"

    Thank You.


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    Re: help for 6th june

    'I respect my elders' indicates you do it out of duty.

    'I admire my elders' indicates your are proud of their achievements.

    'I revere my elders' would never be used, unless you never really spoke to them, as it indicates admiration beyond the normal. Revere is not common usage.

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