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    plz check my essay

    19.1. You wish to go for study to other country. You meet the coeval who lives there. Ask it about:1) An education system in this country;2) Opportunities of reception of higher education;3) Conditions of training
    Seven per cent of British school children go to private school called independent schools there are 2400 independent schools in London .other all state school in Britain are free, and school provide their pupils with books and equipment for their studies. About nine million children attend school. Education is compulsory from 5 till 16 year. At 11 most pupils go to secondary school called comprehensives which accept a wide range of children from all religions and ethnic. At 16 pupils take a national exam called G.C.S.E. after that student can either leave school and start working or continue their studies in the same school. There are entrance exam in universities and about 400 college and institution of higher education .the oldest universities in England are oxford and Cambridge.
    Universities and college of higher education accept student with “A “level student study for a degree which takes an average year of full time study. Generally, universities award two kind of degree: the bachelor’s degree and master‘s degree.
    plz don't notify about 2400 school and gsce exam just plz check grammar

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    Re: plz check my essay

    You seem to have a VERY old dictionary or an obsolete text book.
    Coeval would not be used today in most connections - you need to check for a better word.
    You are inconsistent about your punctuation and capitalization, and about whether a word should be in the singular or plural.
    I suggest you go through and revise this passage, and repost it.

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