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    Post please, help me out

    Contrary to popular belief, stress is not the pressure from the outside, such as death lines, work or daily commuting. Those are simply stressors, causes to stress. As a matter of fact, what constitutes the actual stress is how people respond in those situations. That response has physical and mental effects.

    Experts have identified a number of physical and mental symptoms that signal the presence of stress. Physical symptoms can be divided into obvious symptoms, such as muscular tension, and less obvious symptoms such as raised blood pressure. Changes in blood supply levels affect different organs. The increase in blood supply to the muscles, overworks the heart and the kidneys. The decrease in blood supply to the stomach reduces gastric juices. When these gastric juices flood back to the stomach, they cause ulcers. As regards mental symptoms, the most common is insomnia. This symptom eventually becomes a physical one, causing poor appetite and constant tiredness. Many studies have concluded that both mental and physical effects of stress can be extremely detrimental.

    Whereas we cannot completely eliminate stress, we can learn to modify our behavior in ways that lessen its harmful effects on our minds and bodies. Exercise is said to be a stress reliever because is during exercise that our bodies release endorphins. Endorphin is a chemical substance produced in our bodies which creates a sensation of well-being. Furthermore, doing exercise not only counteracts the effects of stress, but also helps people to keep fit. Therefore, people under high stress levels should select an activity that suits their life style and stick to a schedule. Also, giving oneself the opportunity to relax is another effective stress reliever. A little walk around the park or a hot bubble bath can make a world of difference when under stress.

    As we live in such a hectic world, stress is bound to haunt society for a long time. However, stress symptoms should not be unconditionally accepted, on the contrary, action should be taken to mitigate the deleterious effects of stress.

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    Re: please, help me out

    My humble suggestions:

    Physical symptoms can be divided into obvious symptoms such as muscular tension and less obvious symptoms such as raised blood pressure.

    An endorphin is a chemical substance ... or

    Endorphins are chemical substances ...


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