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    Smile Business English

    Dear Sir,
    I have a query about English Language. What is the difference between Business English and Normal English?

    Thanks and regards
    Patricia fernandes.

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    Re: Business English

    Business English uses formal terms and has words or phrases specific to the nature of the business.

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    Re: Business English

    Business english is used to write business /formal letters, or communications as in notices, meetings , minutes of meetings . We do not use slang or local terms. The language is a little stiff. We use ordinary englisg to speak , general conversation etc. When we talk in english we use simple words and colloquial words which are easy to understand. we lso use a lot of slang which is not done in Business english Sujata nair india

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    Re: Business English

    Here's another definition for you, define:Business English - Google Search

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