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    Question speaking english

    hi im in uk for 9months im trying to improve my english but i can,t plz tell me how can i improve my english thanxxxxxxxx

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    Re: speaking english

    Dear dilnaz,

    I'll bet you have improved some, you just may not notice it. You are doing the first and biggest thing that will help you to improve you English: you are in an English speaking country. Here are some other suggestions, just in case you aren't already doing these things:

    1) Hang out with the British, find situations where you can practice your English constantly, maybe even look for a volunteer opportunity

    2) Take a class, a small one, or preferably, find a one-on-one tutor (some organizations have volunteers who will help you to practice your conversation skills for free)

    3) Watch English-speaking TV, listen to the radio, and watch English-speaking films

    4) If youíre trying to improve your writing skills, take a class or find a tutor, and write something everyday; keep a journal, what you write is not important, just write, you are trying to train your mind to think in English

    Essentially, you have to inundate yourself with the language. And you have to be brave and not worry about making mistakes. Just speak as much as you can. Write as much as you can. And donít give up.

    Good luck,
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    Re: speaking english

    Debra gives excellent advice - I would like to add that if you constantly have the radio set to radio 4 (which is primarily spoken word), slightly low, whenever you are doing something (having a bath, shaving, writing letters, cooking), you will subconsciously absorb the sounds and words, and the language will become easier to hear. You don't have to listen to it.

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    Re: speaking english

    When you speak to English people ask them to correct you if you make a mistake.

    We won't correct you unless you ask because it feels rude. I used to work with an Italian guy who had very little English. I corrected him everytime he made a mistake, it must have been very annoying but his English was very good in a couple of months.

    Good luck.

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