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    Re: Usage of certain very common words

    Hi Moderaor;

    I have just registered on this Site. Hope it helps me to polish my English Skills both in writing and Speaking.

    Now, I would like to ask you about usage of very common words in day to day life :

    1) Usage of KNOW & KNEW

    2) Usage of LIVE & STAY

    3) Usage of GAVE & GIVEN

    4) Usage of WENT & GONE

    Will post you more in coming days

    hope to get a prompt reply
    Thank you

    Dinesh Boudh

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    Re: Usage of certain very common words

    Hello Dinesh,
    Except for Live and Stay, all of your pairs are different tenses of the same verb.

    I know this today, I knew that yesterday.
    I gave her earrings as a gift , not knowing that you had given her the same thing.
    I went to the store at three. By the time I got home, Peter had gone to the gym.

    Have you used a dictionary for "Live" and "Stay"? Can you show a sentence in which you're not sure which one to use?

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