[QUOTE=farid abbajumma;567739][QUOTE=Unregistered;180571]I want the help of you to give me the best drafting of a letter which i want to send to my child school who is in J(kg) and he is IB school and i want the leave for atleast 8days As my sister in law stays in hongkong and there some functions going on so she had called for the full family and it is very important to go over there and there is no one to look after my son.
I have just login in these Esl forum idont no how to send the messge and how will get the replys i want you to also help me to how to send the message and and how to received the messages and how to make friends and contacts.
i want you to teach me or make a good letter for my son school please send me the reply as soon as posibble