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    introduce A to B

    "I introduced her to my loved one."
    It's from the Tennessee Waltz.
    I have learned that you usually introduce
    a male, less significant person, etc. to
    a female, more significant person, etc. first.
    In the above case, is it just a matter of wording
    in the song, or is there any other intention seen
    Thank you.

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    Re: introduce A to B

    The Tennessee Waltz was my grandmother's very favorite song! What an interesting question. You are right, traditionally a man is introduced to a woman; however, in this case I am quite sure that the author sacrificed any idea of remembering etiquette to the rhythm of the lyric, and nothing subtle was intended.

    I don't know about GB, but in the US I don't know many people who scrupulously follow this rule---maybe it's just that I don't move in the right circles. :) And in business situations, of course, the only thing that matters is who outranks who. Gender is ignored.

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    Re: introduce A to B

    Thank you very much, Delmobile.

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