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Thread: pushing people

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    pushing people

    I'd appreciate your help for the understanding of the following sentence:

    He is the kind of man who gets a kick out of pushing peolple around, especially the ones who can't push back.

    Thank you!


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    Re: pushing people

    He is what's commonly known as a bully.

    He likes to have other people do what he wants because he tells them to do it, especially ones that don't have any power over him.

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    Re: pushing people

    Thank you very much but how would you describe "pushing people"? adulators?

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    Re: pushing people

    Someone who pushes other people around is a bully. They are also domineering, a bulldozer, an intimidator.

    Adulation means excessive admiration, fawning on someone, so an adulator is someone who admires someone else to excess.

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