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    Unhappy Help me with these expression

    Can anyone tell me with this expression please?

    1-out and about
    2-in the middle of nowhere
    3-pain in the neck
    4-funnily enough
    5-ruin their lives
    6-social situations
    7-focus on
    8-well-practised lines

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    Re: Help me with these expression

    I am not sure what kind of help you are looking for, but here it goes:

    1-out and about
    Well enough to come and go, especially after an illness. For example, I'm glad to see you're out and about again.
    It is a bit archaic. More often used is ''up and about'' meaning someone is active again.

    2-in the middle of nowhere
    Use this expression to say that you have no idea where are you, or when a place where you are is any place lacking population.

    3-pain in the neck
    Something or someone that causes annoyance, a source of unhappiness...
    E.g. Ah, Mike is such a pain in the neck with his stupid questions.
    Expressions like ''pain in the ass'' or ''pain in the butt'' are more often used, and ''pain in the neck'' comes as a more polite way to say the first two.

    4-funnily enough
    curious (or funny or interesting or odd or strange) though it may seem; "curiously enough, he didn't recognize his old friend"; "interestingly enough, America is now dependent on Africa for a large part of its oil"; "funnily enough, the ones I thought so ugly were the ones that sold out first"; "oddly enough, he hasn't mentioned it"

    This should cover all of them...

    6-social situations
    This is not an expression(idiom). It really means SOCIAL SITUATIONS, as far as I know. Maybe it's some kind of new slang...

    7-focus on
    To get in a condition in which something can be clearly apprehended or perceived. To concentrate on. To pay a huge attention to something.

    8-well-practised lines
    I am not sure this is an idiom too...

    Will this help?
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