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    sexy naughty bitchy me???

    I pick all my skirts to be a little sexy
    Just like all my thoughts they always get a bit naughty
    When I'm out with my girls I always play a bit bitchy
    Can't change the way I am sexy naughty bitchy me

    A. I don't understand, we can use adj + objective pronoun like this sexy me, sexy him, sexy her???

    B. It's Informal writting or informal speaking???

    C. If it's informal, how can I change the sensentence I am sexy naughty bitchy me to be formal???

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    A- Sometimes- don't foregt that this comes after the verb 'be'.
    B- Informal
    C- I'm not sure that you can, but I'll try:
    I remain to to true my alluring, disobedient, socially competitive character.

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