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    please rephrase this In Aurora Levins Morales’s poem Aurora Levins Morales was born on February 24, 1954, in Castaner, Puerto Rico. She is the daughter of an American Jewish father and a Puerto Rican mother, author Rosario Morales. At age five, Aurora's mother taught her how to read and soon after, she began writing poetry. When Levins Morales was 13-years-old, her family moved from their home in Indiera, Puerto Rico to Chicago, Illinois, where she lived until she attended Franconia College in New Hampshire in 1972. She then transferred to Oakland, California, where she earned an graduate degree in creative writing and ethnic studies. Levins Morales also holds an M.A. and Ph.D. from The Union Institute in Cincinnati, OH. Throughout her life, Levins Morales has worked in a variety of different fields, marine biology, news and radio reporting, school administration, teaching, and research and activism in domestic and social movements in Latin America and the U.S. Her work reflects her own belief that no matter where she lives, she is first and foremost Puerto Rican. Her work has been largely influenced by North American feminists, mainly Alice Walker, and she aims to recreate the Latina struggle and experience in her writing. Levins Morales continues to write for those struggling to find their identities and their voices. She currently divides her time between Oakland and Minneapolis, where she writes and speaks on issues pertaining to history and the multicultural experience. Levins Morales has lived in a variety of settings in Chicago, New Hampshire, the San Francisco
    Bay Area and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Following a first moment of protest which denounced the social and economic conditions of the puertorriqueños( the ways she was raised) Bronx and El Barrio, younger Puerto Rican writers are exploring other issues, such as language, multiple subjectivities, international politics, class, feminism, and transnational identities, just by understanding where she coming from. Her post-911 poem Shema was widely circulated on the internet and performed at peace rallies around the country. She is poet-on-assignment for Pacifica Radio’s Flashpoints news magazine, where she writes a twice weekly poetry commentary on current events. She is spreading her feeling and thoughts on the radios, different places, so you can reach out and understand her.

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    We do not do assignments.

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    I was sadly put off by this one chunk piece of text


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