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    help please!

    Hi teachers,

    Please help me with the following expressions.

    1. " Can you please throw some more light on this topic". Is it a right statement. Is it used rarely by native speakers?

    2. "She is used to receiving admiring glances from men". How can we use a continious tense after 'to' here? Please throw some light.

    3. Imagine a situation in which you are in a class & you say
    " How many hours do I need to spend out here".
    Would it be right to use OUT HERE instead of " In" here, because you are in the class at the moment you are not outside? Please explain.

    Thank You.

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    Re: help please!

    1) I certainly say it. Or "shed some light." I don't know that it would be an appropriate way to ask a question in a lecture, though.

    2) I believe "used" in this sense (meaning accustomed) requires the preposition "to." "Receiving admiring glances" is a gerund phrase acting as the object of "used(to)."

    3) I would say "in here," not "out here." If the class was a great distance from my home, I might say, "I can't believe I have to spend the next six weeks out here just to get a food handler's certificate," but that would refer to the distance traveled and not the classroom itself.
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