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    Better communication

    Is there a better way to say "I look forward to talking to you"?

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    Post Re: Better communication

    ''I look forward to hearing from you'' The one you said and this one are the only ones i know for now.

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    Re: Better communication

    I received an email from my daughter she included this sentence in her closing remarks in her cover letter. We are at an impass.

    My point argued is that people don't want or don't like being talked to and by making the statement "I look forward to talking to you" she is excluding the other half of her conversation.

    I would think saying "I look forward to talking with you" is a more acceptable statement and more inclusive.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

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    Re: Better communication

    I have met both. It has never particularly worried me - often the use of "to" implies something meaningful to be discussed; "with" implies chatter.

    While appreciating your point, I don't really see this as something to make an issue about. I have learned to put up with a sister-in-law who always says "bring" when she means "take".

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