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    extradition hearing was waived

    Before the court hearing, Alexander also was arrested on three warrants from Dallas, where prosecutors plan to seek indictments on suspicion of sexual assault, said Jamille Bradford, a spokeswoman for the Dallas County district attorney.

    Two warrants are include allegations of sexual assault, and a third accuses him of sexual assault of a child younger than 17, all second-degree felonies, Bradford said. Alexander is accused of assaulting two of the victims in both California and Texas.

    Bail on the warrants was set at $500,000, and an extradition hearing was waived. It wasn't clear when Alexander would travel to Texas.

    Please explain the highlighed parts.

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    Re: extradition hearing was waived

    Since Alexander's lawyers accept that there are cases in both California and Texas, and a high bail has been set, it has been agreed that there is no need to have a special court hearing to discuss whether Alexander should be extradited from California to Texas.

    Make a note - the United States of America consists of countries (states) which each has its own government and legislature. They are also parts of a single government and legislature. So someone who commits a crime in Texas and lives in California must be extradited in the same way that someone committing a crime in India and living in Sri Lanka will be extradited from one country to the other country.

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    Re: extradition hearing was waived

    Example: A man commits a murder in the state of Texas. He flees the state and hides out in Michigan. Eventually the police find him in Michigan and arrest him. While he is being held in a Michigan prison, law enforcement officials will try to get the necessary paperwork and arrangements to have the prisoner transported, or extradited, back to Texas to stand trial for the murder. The prisoner's attorney, however, will probably request an extradition hearing before a judge and plead to keep his client in Michigan, since that state does not have the death penalty and Texas does.

    If there is no real reason to remain in another state - say, if the punishments for his crime would be the same whether he was tried in Michigan or Texas - the prisoner's attorney would waive, or decline to have, an extradition hearing and just return the prisoner to Texas.

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