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    Question Are these the same?

    I'd like to ask if this statement, "My friends Branded me as a NERD" is similar to "My friends call me NERD"???? ... Because according to them I study hard unlike them

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    Re: Are these the same?

    Yes, very similar. As you probably already know, "brand" refers to a mark burned into something or someone. Ranchers used to brand their cattle with a certain symbol to mark ownership, and criminals were once branded as a permanent mark of their misdeed. So being branded a nerd has a stronger connotation than just being called one.

    But don't stop studying hard!

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    Re: Are these the same?

    To "brand" you as something is like signing you in a particular group as branding you a nerd they make you one of the nerds. Calling you one is perhaps just for teasing.
    "As one who loves studying hard, I would rather love to be called one of the intelligents(nerds)."


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