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    to get the necessary paperwork

    A man commits a murder in the state of Texas. He flees the state and hides out in Michigan. Eventually the police find him in Michigan and arrest him. While he is being held in a Michigan prison, law enforcement officials will try to get the necessary paperwork and arrangements to have the prisoner transported, or extradited, back to Texas to stand trial for the murder. The prisoner's attorney, however, will probably request an extradition hearing before a judge and plead to keep his client in Michigan, since that state does not have the death penalty and Texas does.

    As far as I know, to get means to take. But I can't understand the above text with this meaning.

    Could you explain the highlighed parts? (particularly the `to get')

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    Re: to get the necessary paperwork

    To get the necessary paperwork = to obtain the documentation that is needed

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