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    I'm quite new to this forum (a newbie, as you can see ). Still, if I may, I think the rules on starting new threads should be a little more restrictive. It's very hard for me to identify real questions, in the midst of all those "English Question", "Please help me", "PLZZZZZZZZZ I need help on my homework", "Test question" and posts that bad-mouth English teachers. My last English teacher wasn't all I expected, but that doesn't mean I'm entitled to post that on an English forum (where, by the way, there are lots of English teachers, and they're nice enough to help). If we do this, the other threads (that might really need answering, not reporting) will just get pushed off the first page.

    So, my idea is that you use the red triangle to report unwanted posts, such as:

    "I nedd eng teahr plzz"
    "my english teacher scks"
    "do you know English? I want firend English"

    AND, I apologise for mentioning the "competition" (that's where I come from, actually, and I love it there), but WRF has a great rule about naming threads. The title should be relevant to the thread (The cars was/were, not I really don't know this one can you please help me because tomorrow I have a test and I don't know anything because I'm a beginner).

    I know I'm being very snippy about it (and I'm sorry), but I would like everybody to enjoy their stay on this forum.

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    Re: Rules

    Thank you for your post. It is an issue the staff have been aware of for some time now. As a result, we've just released a new forum called Forum Policies and Guidelines which should help.
    I'm not a teacher, so please consider any advice I give in that context.

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    Re: Rules

    However, if you just report any post that doesn't have a chipper title, you risk alienating many low level learners, many of whom will be taking their first steps at asking questions on a public forum. If their first try is greeted with being reported, they won't come back.

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