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    the biggest parade

    Mahabharata is the greatest epic of the world, the biggest parade of historic sagas of our land. It reflects the social, cultural and philosophical picture of ancient India. The scholars call it "The Fifth Veda." Every saga of this epic presents dramatically the way the evil apparantly has upper hand but the good triumphs eventually. Thus, the soul message of Mahabharat is `Where there is righteousness there is victory.'

    In dictionaries, the word `parade' has many meanings. I chose one (to show something in an obvious way in order to be admired).

    Is this meaning appropriate in my sentence?

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    Re: the biggest parade

    it's a noun. The nearest definition is 'An ostentatious show; an exhibition: make a parade of one's talents' or perhaps 'A line or extended group of moving ...things: a parade of strollers on the mall.' But it's an unusual choice of words in this context.


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