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    prelude, succumb

    Her coming in the house is a prelude to negative changes in the house. I played many tricks on her, so that she should not come in, before I succumbed.

    Please see whether my sentence is correct or wrong.

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    Re: prelude, succumb

    Hi gary,
    May I suggest the following changes to your sentence?

    Her coming to the house WAS a prelude to negative changes. So I played many tricks on her, hoping that she would give in. However, I had to succumb eventually.


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    Re: prelude, succumb

    Thank you.

    But your words (Her coming to the house......) sounds me (She still doesn't come).

    But what I mean that (she now is in the house)- she already came. I played tricks on her when she about to come, but I had to succumb.

    Please help me.

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