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Thread: Paired Words

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    Paired Words

    Good afternoon!
    I have some doubts about paired words. When I use "Both...and", can the verb take the negative form? For instance, could I say "Both Ann and her mother don't like chocolate"?
    Could you give me a brief explanation about the other paired words, Neither...nor, not only..., but also and either...or. And why are they called paired words?
    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Paired Words

    No, you can't. Both...and are not to be used together with 'don't. However, they go well with negative verbs like in: Both Ann and her mom dislike chocolate.


    Neither she nor I knew what to expect.

    not only..., but also:

    She bought not only a new car but also a new lawnmower.


    You may either have the ring or the bracelet.

    They are called pair words since they go hand in hand, at all times. Also, grammatically they are called correlative conjunctions (i.e. related to one another).
    Other ex.: scarcely...when, not only...but also and so on and so forth.
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