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    would have

    I'd like to know the difference between "would have caught(1)" and "would have caught(2)".

    1. If I had left the train maybe a minute later, the police would have caught me.
    2. When I took my first baby steps, my father would have caught me.

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    Re: would have

    Hi wow,
    The first sentence is Conditional type 3 (refer Articles - English Usage Articles - Third Conditional in this site.) Here you imagine a past situation which didn't happen:so, in the first sentence, the person didn't leave the train a minute earlier and the police didn't catch him.

    -In the second sentence You imagine a possible past situation.

    Here you don't want to express certainity as to your father trying to catch you when you took first baby steps. Because if you do, then you could have used "will" to refer past instead of would, as in:

    When I took my first baby steps, my father will have caught me.

    keep in mind though, choice of would or will depend on how certain you are about what you want to say.

    Hope I have given you some food for thought.

    Happy Learning!


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    Re: would have

    1. The police would have seized and held me.
    2. My father would have stopped me falling & held onto me.


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