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    Pen Pal websites- any recommendations?

    I teach at a private school and I have adult Chinese students who need to practice English. Yeah, I know, the obvious thing is for them to practice with each other. The drawback is that they go right back to Mandarin during break time and if they don't understand ALL facets of the task they are supposed to do (e.g. if they don't know EVERY word they want to say). They frequently go right back to the dictionary which becomes their link to the English world.
    Fortunately, I have some computers with web access.
    Is there a web site where they could CHAT or write to a pen pal and have a conversation? I try (and I mean really friggin' try) to engage them in conversation, but their reluctance to talk and their insistence on using dictionaries has me feeling like John McCain trying to convince fellow Repubs that amnesty is a good thing. Some days I think I'll blurt out:)(&^*^$&^%&^$#^%&$&*^&^%(&^%()*&(^*&^%$^%[email protected]*^& (&*&%$#&*&^&%#!!!

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    Re: Pen Pal websites- any recommendations?

    There are some language exchange sites in this section:

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