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Thread: Irregular verbs

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    Irregular verbs

    Hi,I know that some irregular verbs has two kinds of past and participle. for example:
    BET: Bet/ betted
    KNIT: Knit/ knitted
    LEANT: Leant/leaned
    LEARN: Learnt/learned
    When can I use one form, and when I should use the other one? Or can I choose? Please, I need your advice

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    Re: Irregular verbs

    Is this what you are referring to:

    Abide ----------- Abode/Abided ------ Abode/Abided/Abidden


    If so, you can use any of them. As for this example, you can use both ABODE and ABIDED - whichever one you want.

    Does it help?

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