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Thread: help pls!

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    Cool help pls!

    "My study is politely"

    My korean student keeps on insisting that this sentence is correct.
    How am I going to correct him?

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    Re: help pls!

    Copular constructs.

    My study is a noun. It's modified by politely, an adverb. Adverbs cannot modify nouns. Note, the term adverb means, add to a verb.

    This sentence My study is politely is ungrammatical for one reason only: the adverb politely is modifying a noun. Moreover, even if we change politely into an adjective, like so, My study is polite, the sentence is still ungrammatical. The words polite and study are incompatible semantically. People, not things, are polite.

    Does that help?

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