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    Qhen we use not and when we use don't in a sentence?

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    Re: Don't or Not

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    When do we use not and when do we use don't in a sentence?
    A straight negative:

    It is not correct.
    That is not polite.
    He is not my brother

    Don't = "do not"

    Don't do that.
    Don't go to the cinema.
    We don't like rude people.
    We don't argue with the experts.

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    a partial answer

    "not" is used to negate a word or group of words.

    "not" is often followed by adjectives and other adverbs. I am not hungry. I am not very hungry.

    "not" is often followed by nouns and pronouns. He is not a scientist. They are not Koreans. It is not us that he is looking for.

    "not" is often followed by the continuous form of verbs. They are not running. He is not studying. I am not planning to do that.

    "not" can also follow -ing verbs. I am planning not to do that.

    "don't" is always followed by a simple present tense verb, as in Anglika's examples.


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