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    Question Teacher as a title

    Dear Friends at,

    Is the word TEACHER a title like MR, DOCTOR, etc? If so, can I use it without the last name as in Teacher David? or must I use it as in Teacher David Brown or Teacher Brown?

    Thanks in advance,
    Andre Barros

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    Re: Teacher as a title

    It's not a name or even part of a title. It's an occupation:

    Ex: Who is your teacher, your lawyer, your postal worker?
    Ex: This is Max Smith, my teacher.


    Ex: "Teacher!" I need your help.

    Does that help?

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    Re: Teacher as a title

    "Professor," however, is used as a title. I believe there are various rules that differ from country to country about when an individual is entitled, no pun intended, to the honor of being addressed as "Professor Smith." But I do not know these rules :(

    [Disclaimer: I am a native speaker but do not teach]

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