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    Hi everyone! I'm a new member here of this cool website!!

    Hi everyone! My Korean name is Choi Song ee, my English name is Kate, or you can also call me Abby. I originally came from Korea but I'm living right now with my family here in the Philippines. I heard of this cool website from my Filipino friend. Actually, I know how to speak in Tagalog as well as English. But, I think my English is not so good. I want to improve my English speaking skills. Next year will be a new world for me and my Mom, because we are planning to migrate to Nashville, Tenesse next year to pursue my studies in college at Franklin College, Indiana. Just near Nashville. Thnak you guys for reading my message. I really hope so that I will be learning a lot from this website.

    Best wishes! Team members
    AbbyKate, Choi Song ee

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    Re: Hi everyone! I'm a new member here of this cool website!!

    Welcome to!
    I'm not a teacher, so please consider any advice I give in that context.

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    Re: Hi everyone! I'm a new member here of this cool website!!

    Welcome, AbbyKate.

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