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    Smile how learn English too fast?

    Hi. Im Korea. I want learn Englishee. Anybody would like me to help? Can anybody be assistance to me? Im a few years old, and I know some few only Englishee dictionary.

    I starting to learn English last year ago. I have a Englishee teacher, she were kind. But I wasn´t learned because my teacher left. And now, I trouble in speaking, especially, communication in English.

    Please be assisted me as much as you can.

    Thanks in early.

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    Re: how learn English too fast?

    Hey Nancy!!!
    I'm also a Korean...
    Where in Korea are you from?
    I'm from Debbhu, Korea.
    It's nice to meet you Nancy...
    This is my advise: Start from the basics.. Common greetings and responses. That's what my English teacher did whwn I was learning English a couple of years ago. Learning English could be very hard if you're not gonna practice. I know that in our country, you can get a much better, high-paying job if you do know how to speak in English...

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