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    Exclamation Studies in the Uk - Yes or No?

    Good afternoon from (beautiful) Greece ....

    My name is Tselios Stefanos and I am 21 years old.
    I finished Greek High School two years ago and afterwards I started studying intensive the English Langauge at Private Language Schools in Greece.
    I now have the Michigan Proficiency in English (ECPE) and the English Edexcel Proficiency in English.
    I am now thinking about going abroad to the United Kingdom to enrol into a British College to study "English Language and Linguistics" for a Bachelor degree in English.
    Do you think, as a teacher, that I should pursue my aim?
    Maybe you could also give me some tips?
    Thank you very much,
    Tselios Stefanos

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    Re: Studies in the Uk - Yes or No?

    Welcome !!!
    Learning English is super fun!!!
    Go for it dude... I'll be looking forward to seeing you there...
    I was thinking of dong the same thing...
    I wanna be an English teacher in U.K.

    I wanna pursue my dreams of going there to educate people... (laughs)

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    Re: Studies in the Uk - Yes or No?

    Contact the individual universities about their course entry requirements. I see no reason not to do it. As an EU citizen, you will pay the same as a UK student.

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