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Thread: pace, frisson

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    pace, frisson

    once again some questions to you:

    pace....with what preposition is this word connected, when i wanna say for example: fast pace - is it: "in fast pace" or "at fast pace"?

    frisson...Of what context is this word used?
    Is this correct:? "I have got frisson on my whole body"

    much appreciate

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    Re: pace, frisson

    #1 The race was run at a fast pace [you also need an article in front of "pace"]

    You will also find a phrase = "in a [fast pace] environment", where "fast pace" is adjectival, and "in" relates to "environment".

    #2 "frisson" = a moment of excitement/emotion; a shudder.

    He felt a frisson of fear at the sight.
    When she heard his voice, a frisson went through her body.

    With the first meaning, there is usually a qualifier "a frisson of excitement" "A frisson of anger".

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