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    how to use "rage"??

    where can we use "rage"??

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    Re: how to use "rage"??

    "Her husband went into a rage when he learned that she was in love with another man." (noun)

    "He was shaking with rage when he heard the news." (noun)

    "Road rage is a serious problem in big cities." (noun)

    "The debate about the Iraq war still rages on in the halls of Congress." (verb)

    "The war in Iraq rages on." (verb)

    Some uses,

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    Wink Re: how to use "rage"??

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    where can we use "rage"??
    And some more examples of rage by me:

    • as a noun

    I was really frightened when I saw my boss then - I'd never seen him in such a rage before.
    Her eyes filled with tears of rage and frustration.

    My dad would often fly into a (fit of) rage over the smallest mistake.
    I was hurt in a road rage incident last night.
    Online shopping is now (all) the rage (= extremely popular).
    • as a verb

    Outside, the hurricane continued to rage.
    A flu epidemic is raging through local schools.

    'Stop lying to me!' he raged at Mandy, his secretary.

    Bear in mind I'm not a teacher!


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