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    Sythetic Phonics for Bilinguals

    Dear Sir,

    I am researcher in the field of Learning Disablity for
    the past 10 years. I am also a practicing remedial
    teacher, teaching ESL to children with Learning
    Disability(dyslexics). Most of my students'(past and
    present batch-usually children above the age of 10
    years)L1 happens to be Kannada( a Dravidian Language
    with a transparent, semi-syllabic script). Over the
    years I have been teaching sythetic
    phonics(English)using or supporting the lesson plans
    in Kannada. Recently, I tried to develop some sort of
    symbols to reprasent English sounds in Kannada. In
    other words, I have written Kannada transcription to
    English sounds which helps a non reader of English to
    begin to catch up with the English sounds taking the
    cue from the Kannada transcription. Though the Kannada
    support exists for many initial lessons, it decreases
    and finally stops. By then the student will have
    picked up English vocabulary and will have started
    making/understanding sentences.

    At this stage I feel I should look into research
    papers where the researchers have tested this
    methodology. Here, in India, I am searching but if you
    are aware of any such papers, I sincerely request you
    to send the copies of the same. As I am not a full
    time researcher in the field of linguistics, my
    reading and knowledge is limited. So, I am worried
    whether my work is principally accepted or not. Though
    I have seen exemplary results using this methods( most
    Dyslexics trained under me read well after two/three
    years of training), I am quite uncomfortable to
    publish my work unless it is properly commented and
    peer reviewed. Or atleast some expert has to say JUST

    Please help.

    with regard,

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    Re: Sythetic Phonics for Bilinguals

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